Iowa State University

Campus Organizations Accounting Office


WARNING: The Student Government only funds commercial modes of travel. Rental cars will not be allowed - must only use university vehicles, airline travel and/or bus travel.

Students wishing to reserve a university vehicle should go to Travel Process for Student Organizations found on the Risk Management website.

General Travel Guidelines

Travel for ISU students / advisors, etc., should now be paid be using a student-held purchasing card:

When reimbursing a visitor to campus, please let them know that we reimburse mileage by attaching a MapQuest (or similar) printout at the rate of $.545 per mile. All expenses including airfare, fuel, etc., must have an original, itemized receipt as well as proof of payment attached to the Campus Org. Voucher. It is much preferred if the student group makes the arrangements for the visitor using the student-held p-card.