Campus Organizations Accounting Office

Financial Statements

Each month, Campus Organizations Accounting prints a Financial Statement of the organization's account (with activity). This can be thought of as the bank statement. Treasurers should pick up a copy of the statement in the Campus Organizations Accounting Office after the 2nd Tueaday of the month along with copies of the vouchers and charge tickets paid from that account.

Just as with a bank statement, the Treasurer must verify that all charges and receipts appearing on the Financial Statement also appear in their spreadsheet and that all charges and receipts in the spreadsheet appear on the Project Statement. Campus Organizations Accounting Office can answer questions on discrepancies.


Org Advisors Gain Online Access to View Financial Accounts

Club advisors will have access to track the financial activity of your Campus Org account through Access Plus, under the uBusiness tab utilizing e-Data and / or e-Data Lite. For those who already use e-Data, you are free to access your organization's information by using the Sub Account Reports portal and using the correct sub-account in the Sub Account drop down box. For a more direct route, please use eDate: Finance Lite Reports #7-11 depending on your needs. From there include 2060035 as the account in box 1 and the corresponding 00XXXX (sub-acct) in box 2 for your organization and click on the yellow box "Run". Training is also available for e-Data online and in person. Learn more!