Authorized Signatures Form The authorized signature form is used to verify signatures of the Treasurer and all Advisors. This needs to be completed and uploaded to the SODB under the accounting before a treasurer's card will be given out. This form needs to be updated when any treasurers or advisors are changed and updated.
Cardholder Agreement This form is to be used by organization officers who are not treasurers to apply for a p-card. After completion please provide the entire document to the organization treasurer, who can initiate the Card Application Request.
Cash Request This form is used to take start-up cash out of your account. This form needs to be turned into the COA office at least 3 business days before the money is needed. Preferrably, COA would like to have the form turned into the office at least 1 week before the money is needed.
COA P-Card Application This form is used to apply for a COA Purchasing Card for an organization. Applications must be completed and returned to the Campus Organizations Accounting Office. Credit cards may only be held by registered students of Iowa State University. Faculty and staff may not obtain a card to be used on Campus Organizations funds.
Deposit Slip This form is used to record cash and checks deposited though the Treasurerís Office. Print one copy to include with the deposit, and save one copy (digitally or on paper) for the organizationís records. Two-part paper copies are also available at the Treasurerís Office, 1220 Beardshear.
Event Authorization Event authorization is done online. This needs to be completed if an organization wants to hold an event fundraiser and before a cash request may be submitted.
Foundation Transfer or Wire Transfer This form is only for wire transfers to the ISU Foundation and for international wires.
Funding Request Use this form to request funding or support from a department or college on campus. Treasurers will fill out all sections under "Funding Request" and give to the departments along with any supporting documents, like copies of receipts or transaction details, for approval and processing.
Gambling Permit Usage Request This form is used if an organization wants to hold a raffle or bingo event. The Event Authorization process must be approved. The number of tickets sold for a raffle needs to be furnished to Campus Organizations Accounting Office ASAP after the event.
Intramural* This form is used to transfer money between two organizations' accounts. This form is also used to purchase items available on campus.
*This is a three part form that is only available in the form rack outside the West Student Office Space in the Memorial Union.
ISU's W-9 This form is used when vendors request a W-9 from an organization. The Iowa State University Federal ID number is on the form. If you are receiving charitable donations, please contact the ISU Foundation for use of the ISU Foundation Federal ID number for a donor to receive the tax deduction.
Prize / Gift Form This form is used to report who and why a prize or gift has been awarded to an individual. Please be sure to type the form so that the information is legible and attach it in excel format with the pcard transaction once you have purchased the prize/gift.
Sales Tax Exempt Form This form provides the State of Iowa Sales Tax Exempt Certificate for student organizations that do not utilize their own Federal Identification Number (most use the university's federal ID number). Please contact Jamie with the following information:
  • Group Name
  • P-Card holder making the payment
  • Vendor name and complete address
  • Items being purchased and invoice number if available
  • Vendor's fax number or business email address to send certificate
For out of state sales tax information, please visit to determine if that state has a reciprocal agreement with the State of Iowa. Follow the directions for the state you are wishing to visit.
Sample Budget Spreadsheet This form is a sample budget that students can use to track their funds and this type of document should be used to cross reference against the monthly statements.
Student Scholarship Award Form When a group offers a scholarship to an individual(s), the group must complete a financial aid form, obtain the advisor's signature and submit the form to the Student Financial Aid Office, 0210 Beardshear. Please contact Student Financial Aid for assistance completing this form.
Voucher for Campus Organizations* This form is used for making direct payments to a vender that does not accept credit card payments, to refund an individual for p-card charges moved to their U-Bill, mileage for non-ISU affiliates, payments for services of emergency purposes as approved the the Campus Organizations Manager.
*This is a two part form and is only available in the rack outside the West Student Office Space in the Memorial Union.
W-9 Form This form must be turned in with the Campus Organizations Voucher if an individual or vendor has provided an organization with a service or has won cash or a prize valued at / over $100.00.