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Student Purchasing Card Program

Brought to you by Campus Org Accounting, Iowa State University and US Bank

Steps to obtain a US Bank Purchasing Card (P-Card)

  1. Complete an application
  2. Obtain signatures and submit to Campus Org Accounting (COA), 1580J Memorial Union
  3. COA approves application and orders your card
  4. COA receives your card, matches it to the application and programming begins. Programming? Yes, your card must be programmed so that when transactions come to ISU from US Bank wanting a payment, we know who needs to electronically approve the transaction so ISU does not pay erroneously.
  5. The Student P-Card Administrator will contact you via email regarding training opportunities. Each person with a role in the p-card system must complete the online training module in Canvas. These include the cardholder, the treasurer and the advisor of the organization.


  • Cardholder must be a current officer of a recognized student organization
  • Cardholder must be a current student at ISU
  • Any officer within the organization is eligible to apply
  • Two officers within an organization may hold a card; more if needed (e.g. travel)
  • One application per card applicant
  • Financial account must be in good standing
  • Student Organization must be in good standing
  • Original, itemized receipts must be scanned and attached to electronic transaction in AccessPlus
  • Advisors must retain receipts of $200 or greater for one (1) year for review
  • Training is mandatory for all participants with a role in the system
  • You may not share the card with another officer
  • No trademarked items to be purchased without approval through Trademark.

Other policies are explained in the Canvas training module.

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