Accounting Office / Accounts Payable

Primary Uses: Applying aid from internal sources to student accounts.

Scope: This form should be used to provide a credit on the financial aid system for undergraduate students, including those supported by accounts at the ISU Foundation. Requests in other formats will not be rejected, but use of the form is encouraged to ensure proper application of aid. The completed form should be sent to: Julie Wilson, 0210 Beardshear.

Credits for graduate students are now done online, rather than using the paper Student Award Form. Please contact Ann Guddall, 1137 Pearson, 294-7811 for more information.

Departmental Responsibilities

    The administering unit must be alert for students that drop or withdraw. A portion of the tuition reduction may be due back to the ISU account. Contact the Financial Aid Office if this should occur. Scholarships for graduate assistants are monitored by the Graduate College.

    In the column "Scholarship Name" put an abbreviated title of the account. The full name of the account as shown on the Departmental Statement will not fit and is not needed. A brief title helps the Financial Aid Office answer questions.

    Standardized procedures may not work for educational programs of a special nature such as curricula developed exclusively for special groups of international students. In situations such as these, the program coordinator should contact Sponsored Programs Accounting at 294-5331. Since the framework for simplified procedures has been developed, the exceptions will be infrequent.

This page was last updated on September 26, 2018.

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