Accounting Office / Accounts Payable



Cell Phone ReimbursementEmployee Reimbursement System, if allowed by the Communication Technology Allowance Policy.
Dues and MembershipsPurchasing Card or a Simple Disbursement Voucher.
Internships and FellowshipsDisbursement Voucher
Interview Expenses - Incurred by a Prospective EmployeeSimple Disbursement Voucher
Interview Expenses - Incurred by ISU Employee on Behalf of Prospective EmployeeEmployee Reimbursement System (if expenses were not able to be put on an ISU Purchasing Card)
Lecture Fees or Speaking FeesDisbursement Voucher
Licenses (Notary Public, Trailers, Vehicles)Purchasing Card, or a Simple Disbursement Voucher.
Moving/House Hunting Expenses - Reimbursable to New ISU EmployeeDisbursement Voucher
Non-Travel Expenses - EmployeesEmployee Reimbursement System
Non-Travel Expenses - Non-EmployeesSimple Disbursement Voucher
Periodicals, Publications, and SubscriptionsPurchasing Card or a Simple Disbursement Voucher.
Petty Cash - Establishing a Fund (Receive a Check)Simple Disbursement Voucher (Receive a Check) or Non-Check Disbursement (Receive Cash)
Petty Cash - Replenishing a Fund (Receive a Check)Simple Disbursement Voucher (Receive a Check) or Non-Check Disbursement (Receive Cash)
RefundsSimple Disbursement Voucher
Research Participants - Less than $100.00Simple Disbursement Voucher, Cash, or Gift Certificates
Research Participants - $100.00 or MoreDisbursement Voucher
ScholarshipsStudent Award Form - Contact Financial Aid
Services Performed by IndividualsRefer to the flowchart
Services Performed by Non-IndividualsRefer to the flowchart
Travel Advances - EmployeesDisbursement Voucher, with a Cash Advance/Payroll Authorization form attached
Travel Advances - Non-EmployeesSimple Disbursement Voucher, with a Cash Advance Authorization for Non-Employees form attached
Travel Expenses - EmployeesEmployee Reimbursement System
Travel Expenses - Non-EmployeesSimple Disbursement Voucher
Utilities (Off-Campus Telephone, Electricity, Other Utilities)Disbursement Voucher (If the utility company debits our bank account directly, use a Non-Check Disbursement.)

Cash (Not a Check) is RequestedNon-Check Disbursement
Cashier's Check (Money Orders are not Available)Non-Check Disbursement
Foreign Currency DraftNon-Check Disbursement
Wire Transfer or ACH TransferNon-Check Disbursement

If the type of expenditure you are looking for is not listed above, it should be listed on Procurement Services' website under the Direct Procurements Disbursements and Reimbursement Guidelines or How Do I Buy... pages. Also, please see Procurement Services' pages for Procurement Authority and Delegated Authority - Additional Restrictions and Limitations"

Note: If any of the above expenses are to be funded by a Student Organization (206-00-35-XX-XXXX), the Campus Organizations Voucher should be used in place of the forms listed above.

This page was last Updated on June 4, 2018.