Accounting Office / Accounts Payable

Forms to Use & Where to Find Them

    Forms to Use Matrix

    Narrative of Forms to Use

    Link to Accounting and Payroll Templates

     Iowa Sales Tax Exemption Certificate - Please contact Procurement Services.

Disbursement Form Instructions

    Campus Organizations Voucher

    Disbursement Voucher / Simple Disbursement Voucher

        Payments Typically Allowed Directly Through the Accounting Office

            Procurement Authority

            Direct Pay Procurements/Disbursements/Reimbursements

            Additional Restrictions/Limitations to Direct Pay Disbursements

        Conflict of Interest - Definition and Guidelines

        Conflict of Interest Form

        Independent Contractor Determination

        Internships and Fellowships

        IRS Form 8233

        List of Countries Having Tax Treaties with the U.S.

        Payments for Services Provided by Individuals

        Flowchart for Services Provided by Individuals

        Payments for Services Provided by Non-Individuals

        Flowchart for Services Provided by Non-Individuals

        W-9 Form

    Employee Reimbursements Tutorial - Travel and Non-Travel

    Gift Certificates and Other Property

    Non-Check Disbursement

    Petty Cash Funds

    Student Award Form

Accounts Payable

    Accounts Payable

    Invoice Processing Steps

    Vendor Inquiries About Unpaid Invoices

    Working with Accounts Payable Training Manual

    VO System Reference Manual

    W-9 Form for Vendors

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